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Paul Raw Nerve Speaks [entries|friends|calendar]

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i've been properly rubbish on LJ!!! [29 Nov 2006|01:13pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

but now that's about to change.. decided to get things updated and sorted properly.
so.. what's been going on since i last posted properly?
well, a quick catch up reads like this.

i've been off work for a couple months (nobody knows that, so what an LJ exclusive that is), been playing plenty of gigs with my band reth (did a mini tour a couple weeks back as well), the raw nerve club has started up again at the lovely subculture venue, things still going well with the raw nerve site, me and sarah have had pretty bad debts and money problems during this year, but quite recently have managed to start getting on top of those and we are now doing our house up with the help of her dad and the lovely mr smiggy (cheers bud, can't wait for things to get rolling and all finished)...

i've been a bit of a myspace whore to be honest, i know i'll get booed for that on here, but i can't help it, and ended up devoting my online time to sorting out loads of accounts for the various things i'm involved with.. check em all out if you can be bothered, and if you are on there, would be great if you added them...
my own personal page
raw nerve zine
incandescence - my dark ambient/electro project that has 7 albums
cerebral constriction - my noise project that has 1 album with another on the way soon
raw nerve compilations - a new idea
raw nerve club page
eye of phetkanha - an old ambient project i was half of
reth - my grind/death/tech band

so now we're all caught up, i am gonna keep this place up to date with stupid rambles, rants, nonsense, pictures, fun, idiocy and probably stuff that will bore the panties off ye all!!

love you all.. hopefully you will all say hello! ;-)

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club and tour.. oh aye! [06 Nov 2006|02:49pm]


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WOW. an update, a proper update, and a proper post!!! like! WOW [07 Feb 2006|02:53pm]
well, i've finally got around to updated my main profile page on live journal, and getting a proper entry that isn't just a flyer or something cut and paste like that!!!!

where to start since the last time i was on here properly!?! erm!! blimey, well, my heart has beat roughly around 1,201,984 times (probably), i've drunk about 3,192 litres of liquid (give or take an 1/8th), listened to about 1284 albums/eps, and puuu'd about 405 times
the raw nerve club finished at the phono when it closed down, then moved to the bassment for a very successful christmas one and then THAT closed down, so we're homeless..
i've sold my 8 string bass (gutted, but had to be done) through skintnessand the need to pay back loans and stuff..
the flyering service of raw nerve is getting a lot stronger, obviously meaning more work to do on that and more late nights.. but worth it as it's keeping us afloat..
my band reth, who i joined in the summer are doing good, played some decent gigs, including the sell out one to 350 people supporting melt banana and khanate in november, and a gig in london with the red chord and mistress in front of 400 people.. ace!! no gigs for a while whilst writing new stuff and then back on the trail in march, watch out for dates i dare ya!!!
amongst other things.. dealing with major brain fry stress, hating my job and the boredom it incurs, being thankful for being able to listen to music whilst at work.. getting the house a bit more sorted, and condensing the boxes somewhat in the upstairs room, still plenty to empty and shelves to put up!!! it'll never end!
anyway, ramble over..
happy tuesday 7th february everyone...
now playing: godflesh - streetcleaner ('christbait rising' ooooooooofffffffff!!!!!!)
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hahhahahhahahahahahahahaaaa!!! merry fucking christmas yo!!! [23 Dec 2005|05:05pm]
[ mood | massively! ]

put your speakers on, piss your pants with laughter!!!!!

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camcorder for sale, neat, good price... [03 Dec 2005|04:17pm]
I've got a sharp vl-z1h viewcam camcorder that i'm selling, hardly used (literally 2 or 3 times), comes in a neat zip up bag, has all the manuals and stuff, and has 3 tapes as well...

picture here

you can read some reviews about it:-

prices range from £250 to even up to £350 from what i've seen online...
looking for £180 ideally with all the extras (that would be for picking up in leeds) but am open to offers.. gonna leave this up until the middle of next week and then probably take it down to a second hand place or jessop's etc...
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deranged/skinned/amputated/reth - leeds november 19th [09 Nov 2005|09:17pm]
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melt banana / khanate / reth / leeds / nov 18th. [09 Nov 2005|09:08pm]
last few tickets remaining for this.. £10 a go (or £10.50 if paying on paypal).. email me at paulrawnerve@ntlworld.com as soon as possible and we can sort it oooot :-)

one of the biggest gigs of the entire year!

i can't wait for this, and also to play it!!!
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the locust/whores/400blows/year future, leeds 26th nov.. [09 Nov 2005|08:53pm]
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24th november, a night of doom, sludge, stoner, grooves, fuzzy! [09 Nov 2005|08:47pm]
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another big sale of STUUUUFFFFF!!!! [01 Nov 2005|09:08am]
hey up
there are more sales happening!!!
my girlfriend has a big ebay sale with lots of vinyl (mostly colourful), books, clothing & more..
have a look here asap

Also, another massive sale of CD's, Vinyl, Shirts, Videos and Tickets (Melt Banana/Khanate, Capricorns, Deranged/Reth, The Locust) is ongoing here -
check it out and get in for some bargains...

*GONE*there is also a Planes Mistaken for Stars red and green vinyl that isn't listing, get in touch about that for pictures and details, and we can work out a sale...*

Also, there are 2 tickets for the Melt Banana / Narcosis show going on in London on the 20th November for sale.. £25 for both of them to cover postage (and paypal if you wanna pay that way), get in touch as well about this to paulrawnerve@ntlworld.com ....

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and another massive sale is going on... [08 Oct 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

this time a combined sale between me and sarah, a few bits left over from the first one, but roughly 500 items of cds, vinyls, clothes, posters, videos, rare stuff, all sorts..
come and have a look at it here
also check out sarah's ebay sale here - http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZspikedhalo5
cool stuff from collectif, lip service, phased, and nightmare before christmas stuff...

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goodbye to some of my CD collection!!! :-( [02 Oct 2005|03:16pm]
basically, i'm skint..
so am selling hundreds of CD's, tshirts, posters, bits and pieces..
have a look and hopefully there is something you would like.

check out the list here -
loads of cheap stuff, offers, all sorts of music styles..
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raw nerve dates for rest of 2005... [21 Aug 2005|11:47pm]
...and don't forget the Raw Nerve club night on Thursday (25th August), Bar Phono.. £3, 10pm til 2am..
(most recent playlist is here - http://www.rawnervepromotions.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14497)

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4 death metal bands in september for ya... [21 Aug 2005|11:41pm]
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july 30th - biiiiiig gig and club... [27 Jul 2005|04:27am]
sorry if this doesn't apply to some of you but this is very much a last minute extra posting for this one, after having quite a lot of line up problems.. if you know people who might be interested as well, please pass it on or post it on your news forums or anything.. cheers.

Leeds, The Bassment (in the Merrion Centre in town)

Beef Conspiracy - Fun-gore-grind ala Gorerotted/Macabre
Whoreswhoreswhores - Rock and roll meets Converge and The Locust
Raise the dead - ex-Eviscerate A.D. member, moshthrash, from London
a.P.a.t.T. - amazing Mr Bungle / performance art genius, Liverpool stunners.
Reth - ex-Narcosis/Tangaroa member, current EDT member, fastgrindsludge, think Cephalic/Cryptopsy
Soulfracture - melodic thrash metal ala Arch Enemy, Pantera, Leeds favourites
Agent of the Morai - dirty sludge, think Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, more Leeds lovelies
Bubonic Zygote - all out thrash attack ala Slayer, Harrogate youngsters.
+ club night afterwards.

£7 ticket / door (from Jumbo, Crash, Out of Step, Hellraiser (Leeds and Wakefield),
Opens at 5pm, until 2am, price includes club afterwards. £4 after 11.
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gig.. tonight.. (22nd).. leeds fenton [22 Jul 2005|01:05am]
Friday night.. Leeds Fenton.. do it!!

Red Stars Parade
The Final Sigh
Spasticated Razor Masturbator

£3 on the door.. BARGAINOUS!
Starts at 8pm but it be open til midnight, so come along for the mosh!
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look what i just bought... [31 May 2005|10:46pm]
[ mood | determined ]

on saturday, i travelled down to bristol, on saturday i travelled back!!! so in one day (including getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours) i was on coaches/buses for around 15 hours!! but i did come back with this...

an absolute beast of an 8 string bass!!!!

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ooof, my first ever Ebay sale.. check it out [31 May 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | busy as per usual! ]

well, there are some cheap bargains, a few nice shirts left, and a couple of rarities, so come and have a look here -
some more stuff will be added up in a bit, and also, once the house move is complete i shall be going mad for selling THINGS!!!!

hope you are all well.
and hopefully this will make you feel better if you aren't....

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last minute alterations to tonight's gig.. [30 Apr 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

isle of man (tour forced to be cancelled) and red stars parade (understandable circumstances) pulled out within this last week, so it's been a mad dash to find bands to replace them, and by the wonders of insanity, 100 texts in one day we now have humanfly and whores whores whores making it back up to 6 bands and still an incredible line up..

whores whores whores
spasticated razor masturbator

for anyone not sure, come along.. £6 ticket you can get from hellraiser, jumbo, crash, out of step up until about 5pm and then it is £8 on the door, goes on until 2am with the club after.. bargainous!!
see ya there!!

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wooooooooooooooooooooo [12 Apr 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | very very busy! ]

i return!!! oooof!!

just for a bit! heh..
am off work for all this week, i twisted my ankle on friday night and it's reet swollen, bit purple/black, hurts every so often, but i cannot put a sock or a shoe on now, which is CRAP, but it means i am at home for a bit and probably gonna pester lots of people and just wibble random shit loads for a bit!!!

so yeah,
it's all busy here,
me and sarah found a house, and currently in the throes of going through all the legal stuff, had all the surveys and stuff, there are a few things needing doing on it to make it right, but hopefully that will all be sorted in the next month or 2 and we start life in armley and only 20 minutes walk from town!! i can't wait!!
new band is getting things going pretty well, some decent riffage and songs coming together, still might be a while till ready, but it will be worth it!!
raw nerve is going top as well, hit meter is climbing and lots more people joining the madness of the forum, so all good! :-)
just generally starting to pull myself slowly (and very slowly at that), out of the limbo that has been life for a long while with stuff like work and career etc..

see how it goes anyway..

hope all you people are well and haven't forgotten who i am..

that should help you remember

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