paulrawnerve (paulrawnerve) wrote,

la la la. damn i'm so fucking tired!

okay, another post here, ramble, bibble, bimble, fwibble, whatever it is.. it'll be shit either way! haha.

am going to york for a couple nights from straight after work, with sarah, to chill out, to disappear from the madness.. then got a RETH practise on sunday, to throw myself probably straight back into the madness once more! but it will be nice to just disappear for a couple days.

then, once i get back, the proper post-30 birthday purge and sparcing shall begin properly..

steps are being taken to finish off a music project that me and Dan SRM (glasgae boy) started in the summer of 2006, and i wanna do some more music projects during 2007, but other than that, it's all gonna be about catching up, tying up loose ends from when i was younger and things i started years ago.. getting all that done so i can leave it behind me.

the house is a mess, there is mud everywhere downstairs.. there is a massive pool of water covering the entire cellar, but today proceedings start to drain it and begin laying the floor, so good luck el smigg and wolfie!

hmm, i just realised there ain't much in this post, oh well, apologies for wasting your time, but felt the need..

off to work now, bets are on as to if i can stay awake for the full duration, i think i won't! today is all about drinking shit loads of coffee and eating fish-in-a-submarine-roll-butty at dinner time from the canteen!! woohaa!!!
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