paulrawnerve (paulrawnerve) wrote,

stuff an' t'ings

okay, first up, a question, how many of you actually read this LJ these days? am i just unpopular as i disappeared and used the hated (by LJ users anyway) Myspace for such a long time, or is LJ just not as populated these days? or is it just my own friends list that don't read it that much these days?

either way, i shall witter on regardless..

i was supposed to flyer at the cockpit last night, but fucked it off after going outside for about 2 minutes, i despise windy weather, i hate winter, i hate it completely!! it well fucks over my brain.. so yeah, i kinda wasted that opportunity to flyer for the Raw Nerve club on Wednesday (13th).. got drunk with sarah and guy and watched the whole first series of Spaced.. well mint!

so, what are people up to this weekend?
tonight i will be picking up that bass cab as mentioned earlier in the diary of me, taking it round to our drummer's house, and then probably going to frankie at subculture for a bit, even though it ain't my cuppa char, people shalt be around to drink and chatter to, so it's all good..

tomorrow i'm not playing out, because on sunday i am going to an all dayer in london, setting off at 6 in the morning, and returning sometime on monday evening.. not that work know about that, oops!! maybe i should tell them.. i was supposed to be returning to work on monday but ain't gonna be able to do that..

this be the all dayer.. the line up is creamworthy for fans of death metal/extreme stuff...

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