paulrawnerve (paulrawnerve) wrote,

told you i'd stick around this time!!

and here i am again.. you sick of me yet?
heh.. well, i'm trying to convince myself that leaving the house is a good idea, even though it's fucking shocking outside again. damn i hate this time of year so much!
i need to go into town, put some posters and flyers around, pick up some flyers for geof, and call in at subculture..
then tonight i'm off to this...

should be a laugh..

cooking a veggie pizza right now.. it's probably burnt, but i'm determined to finish this post first before getting it..

fingers crossed i'll get out of the house by 12.. or even today, maybe even this week!!! :-o

oh yeah, has anyone heard or seen owt of the mighty smiggy smigster? not seen or heard from him at all and he was supposed to be definitely coming over yesterday... hope he's not drunk one too many cans of beeeeeeer.

in a bit all.
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