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bit hungover!

so, me and sarah went to see that pan's labryinth last night, i thought it was pretty good, some parts not really grabbing me, but it's a well done mix of fairytale and war commentary stuff set in spain... the 'monster' that's sat at the table though is one of the best things ever!!!!! you'll see if you check it out.

went to revolution for some random vodka intake afterwards, and then sarah had some rum and i drunk a bottle of wine when i got in.. saw geof and will for a bit, they came round to pick up more FETISHMAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN wooooohoooo flyers..

am a bit hungover now, just the last remnants of a headache swarming around my eyes and nose, but will be reet.. smiggy is coming over in a couple hours to start work on the attic, putting shelves up and such like, not sure my head will be able to handle the drilling!!! argh!!!
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