paulrawnerve (paulrawnerve) wrote,

my musics... come listen, please comment...

so you can check them all out properly.. behind the cut are things to click so you can listen to musics i do ;-)

first up be RETH!!! grindcore, technical metal, chugs, blasts, screams, grooves and riffage!!!! i play bass in these since last summer, and have already played about 30 gigs with them..

then be INCANDESCENCE!! some electro, prog beaty, dark ambient, film score style, soundscape oddness that i've been doing for a few years.. all produced on my computer, with bits of samples, basslines that i've played, other little bits and bobs..
oh yeah, and there is currently another song to download here for a short time

then there is CEREBRAL CONSTRICTION!! some proper intense noise, white noise scapes, with ambient overtones at times too.. all just me on my computer being scary and loud!

please let me know what ya think of all these projects..
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